Our guests will be able to enjoy a delightful meal or savor their favorite drinks in a variety of settings:

  • La Hacienda restaurant-bar

    Open daily for breakfast, dinner, or, at noon, for snacks.
    Start your day with a hearty breakfast and a beautiful view of the upper pool and gardens. Our exquisite buffet includes eggs prepared to your liking, fresh fruits of the season, a variety of Mexican stews with salsa and handmade tortillas to make an awesome “taco,” bacon, pancakes, and much more.

    On some evenings, La Hacienda offers theme dinners, transforming itself to welcome you in a typical Italian, oriental or Mexican atmosphere. However, you can always count on the availability of popular international dishes.

  • Coco's restaurant-bar

    Open from noon until sunset.
    Our exotic beachfront Coco´s Beach Club, is the favorite spot for our guests to enjoy much of their day at Posada Real Puerto Escondido.

    Work on your tasty drink, while swinging on the swing stools of its unique bar, in a palapa by the beach, or on a lounger by the pool.

    In this authentic tropical environment, savor exquisite dishes such as: fresh ceviche, seafood cocktails, “catch of the day”, a classic club sandwich, hamburger, or a healthy salad.

  • La Pérgola specialty restaurant

    Open at night with limited space.
    End the day with an unforgettable dining experience, discovering new and extraordinary flavors from an Oaxaca-international fusion cuisine created by our chef to delight your palate.

  • La Palapita Sunset Bar

    Open daily, in the evening.
    Great meeting point to enjoy a refreshing drink, or a delicious cocktail, while admiring an extraordinary sunset in the company of family or friends.

  • La Plaza lobby bar

    Open daily, in the evenings.
    This bar is ideal for those who like to enjoy their favorite tequila, mezcal, beer, or beverage while enjoying an evening TV sporting event in the company of other guests.

Hotel en Puerto Escondido
Hotel en Puerto Escondido